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Use silk orchids to make your own centerpieces

If you’re planning a wedding, you might faint when you learn how much flowers (which wither and die within days) for your ceremony and reception can cost. You can plan to spend at least $1,000 at the low end, $5,000 on average, and $10,000 or more on the high end. That’s if you book a traditional florist who uses live flowers to craft your bouquets, church flowers, and centerpieces. Brides who prefer the do-it-yourself route (and these days, more and more do) can save thousands of dollars by selecting their favorite silk flower designs and assembling them on their own. Submerged silk orchids as centerpieces are a prime example. The orchid is very popular among modern brides. Blame it on their uncluttered appearance and contemporary elegance; if you’re attending a wedding this year, chances are you will see an orchid arrangement featured in some manner.  They certainly are beautiful, but if you opt for a live submerged orchid arrangement, you can expect to pay even more than you would for an arrangement outside of water. This is because submerged orchids must be assembled shortly before your reception for optimum appearance, so labor costs increase. Avoid the hefty financial burden and use silk orchids to emulate submerged orchid arrangements instead. It’s easy! Start by gathering all the necessary supplies.You will need:-clear glass cylinder vases-one for each table -natural curly willow branches-silk orchids—three blooms per vase-pvc grass onion bush-decorative glass nuggets-natural sheet moss-mini glue guns and sticks -scissors-7” round centerpiece mirror

submerged orchids


First, cut the curly willow branch to just under the height of the cylinder vase. The length will depend on how high your vase is, of course. A vase between 10 and 11 inches is recommended.Next, cut two blades of grass from the grass onion bush and curl them using scissors, just as you would curl ribbon.   Cover the bottom of your vase with decorative glass nuggets. Make sure to use enough to hold your willow branch in place.   Use your mini glue gun to glue silk orchids to the willow branch. You decide how to position them. Let the glue set for several seconds, then add a pinch of natural sheet moss over the glue to hold the silk orchids and branch together. Use tweezers to keep the hot glue off your fingers.Place the silk orchids and willow branch inside the vase, anchoring it in the glass nuggets. Add the two grass blades for garnish. You can arrange the grass in any way that suits you. If you find it difficult to position it around the silk orchids, take the flowers out and position the grass first. When you’re happy with the appearance, replace the flowers and willow branch. DO NOT add water.When you’re through making all your centerpieces, position them in the middle of each table on top of the centerpiece mirror. For a fuller look, make three or four for each table in vases of different sizes. Make sure you use high-quality silk orchids in your arrangements, as this will greatly affect their appearance. You should be able to make one centerpiece for each table for under $10. It’s a steal!

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