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Use Artificial Flowers as Cubicle Decorations

The word cubicle instantly gives the image of a dull, cramped space completely void of both privacy and personality. If you are forced to work in one of these pre-fabricated cubes, make some small changes that will have a big impact on how you look at the space. Cubicle decorations can take your cube from boring to inspiring.

Hydrangea in Vase with Acrylic Water

Hydrangea in Vase with Acrylic Water

Add Personality
The first thing you should do is add a bit of your personality to your space. You can do this by adding some framed pictures of your family or by purchasing colorful desk items such as decorative lamps, staplers, pens, and scissors. Every office has specific rules about what you can bring in. Work within those rules but don’t avoid taking in personal items all together.

Add Plants
You may think that adding a plant to your cubicle is impossible, given the fact that most cubicles receive little or no direct sunlight. If this is the case for you, consider adding a small silk arrangement. Everyone has certain flowers that evoke a memory or feeling. If you had calla lilies in your wedding, add a few stems to your cube. If you have stunning hydrangeas growing in your garden, an artificial hydrangea plant may make your workspace seem more comfortable. You can even change the plants out seasonally if you like.

Stay Comfortable
If you are uncomfortable, you are bound to be less productive. Think about your daily routine. If the office tends to be on the cold side, keep a cardigan hung on the back of your chair that you can leave at work at the end of the day. If your heels start to hurt by the end of the day, keep a pair of dressy flats in a drawer that you can switch into. If your office chair is uncomfortable, invest in a back pillow or additional cushion.

These little additions can make a big difference in the feeling you get when you sit down to your desk every day.

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