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Tips for Christmas Decoration Storage

Now that Christmas is behind us, it is time to start thinking about packing up your Christmas decorations and taking them up to the attic for yet another year. Make sure to preserve your favorite decorations for many more years to come by taking care of them with these Christmas decoration storage tips.

Tree Storage Bag

Tree Storage Bag


Tree Storage Bags

Once you have fluffed an artificial Christmas tree, it never seems to fit back into the original box the same way. Protect the investment you made in your artificial tree by choosing to store it in an artificial Christmas tree storage bags. These green bags have been specifically designed to accommodate the many pieces of the tree. Pack up the bag with your tree and carry it up to the attic until next year. If you have a lot of garlands around your home, purchase an extra tree bag and use it for garland storage.


Ornament Storage Boxes

All of the big box stores offer ornament storage boxes that help protect your most delicate and valuable ornaments. As you undecorated your tree, wrap your favorite ornaments in a layer of paper or bubble wrap and then place them into one of the individual sections of the ornament box. If you have a bunch of smaller ornaments, wrap them individually and place a few of them together in a single compartment. Once your box is filled, place the lid on securely, label the outside of the box with the type of ornaments that are inside it, and take it to your designated storage area.


Wreath Boxes

There truly is a specific storage container for everything and wreaths are no different. Wreath storage bags and boxes are an excellent way to preserve your beautifully designed wreaths. Not only do they protect your wreath from light and dust, but they also keep your wreaths from getting flattened by other decorations and help them to keep their shape for longer.


Final Tip

Now that you have stored everything properly, I have one final tip for you. Jot down a list of Christmas decorations that were damaged this year and which need replaced. Hit the after Christmas sales to replace those items while they are deeply discounted and save hundreds the following year on full-priced items. This is also a great time to stock up on wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbons.

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