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Top 10 Holiday Christmas Swags

When it comes to Christmas decorations, the swag is one of the most traditional items you can get. Despite their historic roots, there are some very stylish and contemporary Christmas swags available these days. Today we are going to celebrate this classic holiday decoration by showcasing our ten favorite Christmas swags.

27-Inch Christmas Hydrangea Teardrop

1. 27-Inch Christmas Hydrangea Teardrop

Greet your guests with a burst of holiday cheer when
you use this big and bold teardrop to decorate your
front door for the holiday season. This stunning
display of artificial greenery and flowers contains
everything we love about the holiday season.

30-Inch Apple Berry Swag

2. 30-Inch Apple Berry Swag

Imagine how stunning a mantle or dining room buffet
would look with this big and beautiful swag running
down the center. Rich artificial greenery is perfectly
accented with faux apples and red berries. This
Christmas swag truly celebrates the holiday season.

36-Inch Pine Mailbox Swag

3. 36-Inch Pine Mailbox Swag

Boost your curb appeal during the holiday season with
this bold and beautiful 36-Inch Pine Mailbox Swag.
This artificial mixed greenery is pre-lit with clear lights
that illuminate your curb with Christmas cher.

32-Inch Cedar Swag with Twigs and Pinecones

4. 32-Inch Cedar Swag with Twigs & Pinecones

We are in love with the natural and organic look of this
Christmas swag. Various tones of artificial cedar branches are
punctuated with the occasional pinecone. The addition of
reaching twigs gives this swag an architectural beauty that is truly special.

30-Inch Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid & Pine Swag

5. 30-Inch Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid & Pinecone Swag

Celebrate your love for the orchid by placing this swag
across your mantel throughout the holiday season. The crisp
white of these artificial flowers adds a sophistication and
elegance that is unmatched in other holiday swags.

4-ft Wintry Pine Tear Drop Swag

6. 4-Foot Wintry Pine Teardrop Swag

Elevate your Christmas decor with this snow-kissed teardrop. This
lightly frosted teardrop looks stunning alone or paired with
coordinating garlands. You could even top it off with a wire-edged ribbon bow.

6-Ft Classical Collection Mantel Swag

7. 6-Foot Classical Collection Mantel Swag

Make your mantel the star of the show when you grace it with
this 6-foot Christmas swag. Realistic looking artificial greenery is
pre-lit with clear lights that enhance the red berries running down
the center. Just imagine how beautiful stocking would look
dangling beneath this swag.

30-Inch Home for the Holidays Centerpiece

8. 30-Inch Home for the Holidays Centerpiece

Decorating your entry table, dining room buffet, or kitchen island
is easy when you start with this Home for the Holidays
Centerpiece. Measuring 30 inches long, this centerpiece comes
ready to use. the perfect combination of pinecones, ball ornaments
and flowers has been used to decorate the rich greenery foundation.

36-Inch Hydrangea Teardrop

9. 36-Inch Hydrangea Teardrop

Make your front door shine when you use it to display this big
and beautiful Christmas teardrop. This wide and tapered artificial
display offers the ideal combination of dark green foliage, red
ornaments, pinecones, and artificial flowers.

32-Inch Decorative Snowflake

10. 32-Inch Decorative Snowflake

We love this modern take on a classic Christmas swag.
Beautiful artificial greenery is arranged in a simple snowflake
shape. This would look stunning hanging over a mantel, on a front door, or over a bookcase.

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