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Tips for Taking Down and Storing Christmas Decorations

Taking down all our Christmas decorations can seem like a daunting task but when it is done in a systematic and organized fashion, decorating the following year will be easier than ever. Check out our tips for taking donna storing Christmas decorations this year and enjoy the benefits next winter.

Storing Christmas Decorations

Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

Carefully Wrap Christmas Ornaments

Before you can take down the Christmas tree, you must first take off all the ornaments and pack them away. Stock up on bubble wrap and hold onto white tissue paper from gift opening. Use these items to carefully wrap up your delicate ornaments before storing them away. If you want to go one step farther, invest in a storage container designed specifically for christmas ornaments. They normally feature different cubbies for individual ornaments so they don’t break each other while in storage.

Storing the Christmas Tree

Taking down the Christmas tree is one of the biggest jobs you will do. Make sure to protect the investment you have made with your artificial Christmas tree by storing it carefully in an artificial tree storage bag. Start with the top section and make sure to carefully fold down all branches so they are pointed upwards toward the top of the tree. Continue doing this, section after section, until all sections of the tree have been removed from the stand and flattened. Place each section in the zippered storage bag to protect it between Decembers.

Wrap Lights Around Cardboard

One of the most frustrating things about decorating for the holidays is opening up your bin of lights to find that they have all become one tangled mess. Prevent this from happening in the future by taking big toy boxes that would have been headed for the dumpster and cutting them down to individual sections. Wrap a strand of lights around the piece of cardboard and label the end of the cardboard with where those lights belong within your decor.

Store Breakable Figurines and Items in their Original Packaging

Protect those porcelain saints and nativities in their original packaging when possible. Styrofoam inserts have often been included in these original packaging and they offer superior protection for your breakables between holiday seasons. You may be temped to throw the packaging away to save on storage space but for valuable items, it is worth losing a bit of space to keep your items stored properly.

When in Doubt, Use Styrofoam Plates and Cups

When you don’t have original packaging for holiday plates and ornaments, opt for disposable styrofoam plates and cups to provide added protection. Those beautiful chargers and dinner plates that have holiday designs can be stacked with styrofoam plates in between real plates. You will never struggle with scratched or chipped plates that have been knocking into one another.

Label Bins by Room

Start a separate bin for each room in your home. Label the end of the bin with what room it is assigned to. This way, when you get out the decorations the following year, you can place that bin right in the room it is assigned to so you aren’t digging around in multiple places for the things you need.

Create a Reference Guide

Take pictures of your decorations before you take them down. Store the pictures of each room in an envelope and tape it to the inside lid of the bin for that room. Refer to these pictures to remind you of exactly where everything goes.

Share Your Tips

Do you have tips for storing Christmas decorations? We would love to hear about them. Share the on our Facebook page!

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