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The Advantages of Artificial Topiary Article

Today’s artificial topiary trees and silk trees are well designed and intricately painted to mimic natural plants and trees. They are created of durable plastic materials which allow them to last a long time and to withstand weather, sun and other damaging factors. Our new line of outdoor artificial topiary is designed with UV protection built into the plastic to help protect the topiary from fading in the sun. Today’s artificial topiary trees have great advantages over live topiaries. This page will tell you about a few of them.

Silk Topiary Doesn’t Need Natural Elements

Unlike natural plants, silk topiaries don’t require water, sunlight, air, or nutrients. They are virtually carefree and don’t impose any damage to your soil through growing roots, or disturb your environment by growing in certain directions. Your silk topiary trees always stay in the same shape, all the time, everywhere. Because silk topiary trees don’t need natural elements, they don’t face natural problems like turning a different color due to a lack of nutrients or a lack of sunlight. Your silk plants always maintain their original look.

Outdoor Artificial Topiary Don’t Need to Stay in One Place

Another wonderful advantage of artificial outdoor topiaries over natural ones is that artificial topiaries don’t have to stay in one place permanently. They can be moved from place to place replanted where they look best. Have you ever wanted a certain natural plant to have been in a certain area of your garden? Did you even think about moving it? Of course not. Artificial topiary trees can be moved to any area in the garden where they fit best. If you have a several, you can always rearrange your topiary garden to make it look its best.

Fake Topiaries Don’t Change with Seasons

Silk topiaries are not affected by the seasons. If you have a delicate live topiary it may be damaged in the winter months. With a silk topiary you won’t have to worry about the leaves turning brown or the topiary dying during the winter. Silk topiary also doesn’t require water, so during those dog days of summer when your live topiary begins to turn brown because you inevitably forgot to water it, you silk topiary will look brand new. And in the spring when your live topiary grows, unless you have a green thumb and understand how to shape and care for your topiary, your live topiary will be start to take on new spiral and cone shapes that you may not like. An artificial topiary will always maintain that perfect height and shape you envisioned regardless of the season it is on display.

Artificial Topiaries Don’t Need Much Care

Silk topiary trees don’t need as much care as natural topiary trees. Because they are dead and not alive, like natural plants, silk topiary trees, plants, and flowers don’t need any trimming or much cleaning up to maintain a fresh look. In fact, silk topiary trees will always maintain their shape. They don’t need to be trimmed or modified in any way, unless it is your own liking. Also, you don’t have to risk falling to the ground climbing high ladders to get to the top of the trees so you can spruce them up and keep them looking good.

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