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Spring Cleaning Artificial Plants and Flowers

We love decorating with artificial flowers. They look beautiful year after year, are very low maintenance, and are a great way to bring color and texture to architectural ledges, tables, and more. Unfortunately, in the course of a year, these artificial flowers will start to collect dust. Start off your spring cleaning by giving all the artificial plants and flowers around your home a good cleaning. Cleaning artificial plants is easy.

Mixed Cattleya & Hydrangea Silk Arrangements

Step 1:

Collect them all and put them out on the deck or patio. I prefer moving my plants outdoors for cleaning because I hate to dislodge dust in my house, especially because my allergies are so sensitive to it.

Step 2:

Use a dusting want to give the whole plant a once-over. This removes large amounts of the dust initially.

Step 3:

Once the majority of the dust has been removed, it is time to take it a step farther and give the plant a really deep clean. Use a damp rag dipped in some mild soap and water to wipe down the leaves and flowers on the plant. If the plant is housed in a hard vase or bowl you should dust that as well.

Step 4:

Let the plant dry and then put it back in place to enjoy for another year!


There are some products available on the market specifically for cleaning artificial flowers. Aerosol cleaners and spray cleaners are both readily available but not completely necessary for cleaning your artificial plants and flowers.

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