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Save Time on Christmas Tree Decorating

In just two days we will be rolling back our clocks for Daylight Savings Time, gaining an hour in the process. As great as that is, we can make it even better. Gain two hours this fall by purchasing any of the new Fluff Free Christmas trees in our line and watch as an hour of your tree decorating disappears. We are so excited to share this new tree design with you because it completely revolutionizes the tree decorating process.

10 Foot Fluff Free Montroe Pine

Features of Fluff Free Trees

This year, we are very excited to add fluff free Christmas trees to our extensive line of holiday products. These trees feature specially designed branches that make assembly a snap. These trees feature PVC branches that are hinged. Once you attach them together each branch gently falls into place, self-fluffing as they do. The result is an easy to assemble tree that requires minimal to no fluffing.

Lighting Options

Our fluff free Christmas trees come with multiple lighting options. Choose the unlit version for a completely blank canvas or make the decorating process even easier by selecting a pre-lit tree with clear or multi-colored LED lights. LED lights use a fraction of the energy as traditional Christmas lights, saving you on your electric bill. When you opt for the pre-lit Christmas trees, all you have to do is add a tree topper and your favorite ornaments.

A Testament to Quality

Every aspect of these trees were designed with quality in mind. From the inclusion of durable PVC branches to the beauty of Italian lights. Each of these trees is Inherently Fire Retardant, making it a much safer option than natural Christmas trees. Each tree also comes with a sturdy wire stand that will support the weight and height of the tree.

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