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Planting Artificial Plants Outdoors

We have already talked about how to prep your flower bed and how to come up with a layout. Today the real fun begins because we are going to start planting those artificial outdoor plants that you have so carefully selected.

There are two ways to plant artificial plants outdoors and the method that you use depends on two things: what you are planting it in and how tall and heavy the plant is. I will talk about both methods and show you when to use each one.


Artificial Outdoor Plants

Artificial Outdoor Plants

Planting Directly in the Soil

Our Plants come with a long plastic stem with serrated edges. The thick stem is strong enough to anchor the plant into the soil and the serrated edges help to keep it from shifting. Once you have decided where you are going to place a plant, cut a small “x” into the weed barrier and push the stem down into the soil until the base of the plant are flush with the ground. Pack the dirt in around it nice and tight and that is all there is to it.


Plant in Cement

Some of our taller, heavier artificial outdoor plants do better when set in cement. This was the method that we used for the artificial trees in this yard. Like other plants, thee artificial trees have a long, serrated stem. To do this you will need a small plastic bucket, a bag of fast setting cement, and a stir stick. I like to use the clear plastic buckets in the paint section of my home improvement store. They come in many sizes and are very inexpensive.

Following the cement instructions, mix together the cement and water in the bucket. Place the stem of the artificial plant or tree down in the cement and hold in place until the cement sets. If you place the bucket on the floor of your kitchen the edge of the table can act as a great support for the tree while the cement is setting.

Once the cement is completely dry you can place the plastic bucket inside the planter of your choice. Cover up the cement with soil, rocks, or other vase filler to conceal the concrete and give the tree a more natural look.


Continue using these two planting methods until you have all of your plants in place. Once you are done you can add the mulch and step back to marvel at how wonderful your flowerbed looks. Planting artificial plants outdoors is easier than it may look and adds incredible curb appeal to a home.

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