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The Perfect Porch Starts with Polywood

What is your idea of the perfect porch? We envision a beautifully designed space with plenty of seating for the whole family. The furniture itself should reflect the style and age of your home. A beautiful porch design with encourage your whole family to spend more time outdoors and boos the curb appeal of your home. Looking for some inspiration? These stylish Polywood tables, chairs, and swings are the perfect place to start.

Why Polywood?

Polywood is one of our favorite brands because it is every bit as durable as it is stylish. This complete line of outdoor furniture is made out of a synthetic wood made out of plastic resin that has been colored the whole way through. the result is furniture that won’t crack, chip, or fade when exposed to the elements. We also love that these pieces are environmentally friendly, as they are made out of recycled milk bottles.

Polywood 2 Polywood 1 Polywood 3

Get Inspired by Stylish Outdoor Furniture

Sometimes, you just don’t know what furniture you want until you see it for yourself. Do you have a wide porch that gives you the space you need for a fun porch swing or is a table and pair of chairs more suited to your space? Does your eye get drawn to the pop of color that the aqua adirondack chair set features or the trendy gray finish of the traditional rockers?

Polywood 5 Polywood 6 Polywood 4

Layer in Accessories

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when decorating a front porch is not taking the time to accessorize. It will become a much-used extension of your home when you make it every bit as inviting and comfortable as your living room. Accentuate the furniture you chose by layering in outdoor rugs, side tables, wall art, potted plants, and other accessories intended for outdoor use. If you were apprehensive about choosing a bold color for the furniture itself, you can always add a pop of  your favorites with cushions and pillows. They are much easier to change along with the seasons.



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