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The Official Start of Summer Vacation

About an hour ago I picked up my twins from their last day of VPK. It is officially the start of summer vacation and the beginning of fun, messes, and chaos in the Reynolds household. If you too are facing a full summer of rambunctious kids and find the idea of filling their time daunting, have no fear.

This summer we are going to be featuring a ton of kid-friendly crafts and activities that will keep those kiddos entertained and help them learn a thing or two about nature while they are at it. I don’t normally share a bunch of personal information about our family but today I was inspired to do so because I think many of you may find yourself in a similar boat to me.

I am the mother of three young children. My oldest, the twin girls, will be six in September. My youngest, little man, will be three in July. As if that does not sound busy enough, I am also a work-from-home mother that is constantly trying to balance my writing assignments with time for my kids. It is a gentle balance that I still struggle with from time to time. I have found that as long as my kids know our schedule and have a fun activity to look forward to, they stay pretty well behaved while I am working.

Here are just some of the projects that I am planning to do with the kiddos this summer.

  • Seashell Art
  • Herb & Vegetable Garden
  • Painted Flower Pots
  • Leaf Art
  • Father’s Day Crafts
  • 4th of July Decorations

Stick with us on our journey through the hottest part of the year, especially down here in Florida. If you have any ideas of projects or activities that you would like to see, comment with them and I will do my best to feature them. Have a great first night of summer vacation!


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