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Interior Decor Design Ideas Article

At artificial trees we are here to help you select the right silk trees, silk plants or silk topiary for your interior design project. Call our toll free number for unique suggestions on your decor.

Use this list to help you make decisions about matching artificial trees and artificial plants to different decor styles. The last column lists the recommended planters and baskets for planting the artificial trees and plants.

Room Decor Plants Flowers Containers
Traditional Ficus or topiaries Spring flowers Brass, plain cylinders
Tropical Ficus varieties, Marginata, Asian plants Calla lily, Iris, geometric arrangements Faux metal or marble, especially brushed chrome
Mission Podocarpus, Gingko, Smilax Wildflowers, Thistle, Astilbe, Yarrow Copper, brass, aged fiberglass, cylinders
Tuscan Smilax, Cycad, Olive, Laurel, Weeping Ficus Earth tones, Hydrangeas, Star Lily Aged fiberglass, rolled rim, fluted resin
Asian Bamboo, Ming, Nandina, Japanese Maple Orchids, Lily Fishbowls, Dark Wicker
Victorian Fern, Ivy, Kentia Palm, Lady Palm Orchids, Spring flowers in urns Urns, Fishbowls
British Tropical Palms and large leaf plants (Mango, Banana) Tropical flowers Dark wicker, terra cotta look aged fiberglass
French County Ferns, topiary, herbs Blue & white, green & white Toile planters, Urns
Office- Corporate Tropical trees, Lady Palm, 5’ poles Spring or tropical flowers Geometric cylinders, faux metal or marble, Roma

Home Decoration Ideas Considerations

No matter the style of your home, we’ve got the artificial plants, trees, and flowers to fit your space and your taste. Images of botanical and natural hues bring vibrancy and life to a home, and can instantly turn a flat room into one that pops and catches your eye immediately.

We offer silk plants for all sizes of homes, whether you have a dramatic cathedral living space or a cozy cottage. You can choose tall trees that fill out the space, shorter plants that add some texture and color near the floor or in a glass terrarium, or you can mix and match various sizes and heights to add the most visual impact. Plants don’t need to be only small potted plants that can sit on a window sill; they can stretch your imagination and extend the height of your tall ceilings for a dramatic look you admire in home decorating magazines! They can also be understated and not take up too much space or the attention of your guests if you have other decor pieces in your home that you would rather be the star. Not every silk plant has to be tall. If you have space, try a tall Silk tree along with one or two bushy silk plants. We always recommend choosing plants with different leaf shapes for a nice arrangement. See our photo gallery for great design ideas.

One of the primary components of great interior design is achieving balance. We recommend homeowners purchase a few sets of artificial plants and trees to use in more than one area of their home. This will ensure the appropriate amount of balance is achieved and it is the most pleasing to the eyes. If we may, we advise that you purchase a tall silk tree and a few smaller plants for one area of your space, and a complementary grouping of trees and plants for the opposite wall or corner of the space to off set and balance the color, texture, and visual pop of the botanical décor.

Purchasing Tips for Artificial Plants and Trees

As a rule, plants look their best when they are about 2 feet from the ceiling. If you have the standard 8 foot ceilings, a 6 foot plant will look great. If you have an older home with 9 foot ceilings, we suggest a 7 foot plant. The exception is for cathedral structures or big structures where anything over 10 feet will look terrific, as the plant will stand over your head. If you put a 15 foot palm in a 17 foot ceiling, it will look magnificent and seem to hit the ceiling!

Note that you need to fluff our Silk trees on arrival. For shipping convenience and for protecting them from damage during transportation, we have to pack our trees tightly. It does not take much effort to fluff our trees out of the box. Simply bend the branches into the shape that you desire. We recommend bending the branches slowly, stepping back and admiring your work, then bending a little more. You can even spread this process out over a few days to let the tree settle into place as you are fluffing it. Please call our toll free number 888-532-0232, if you have any questions.

Home Decoration : Selecting Containers or Planters

Matching the container—its size, color and material—to the selected plant is both an art and science. The tabled sizes may be deceptive. You may have to choose containers based on the type of trees or plants, they have to hold. The size of a container is based on its outside diameter, but the shape of the pot can change the visual scale. For example, a 12 inch resin container is appropriate for a tabletop plant; but a 12 inch cylinder fits a 6 foot tree. Personal tastes and preference in styles also count. Some people prefer as wide a container as the plant, while others like the visual look of a smaller base. If your plastic pot doesn’t take up the entire planter, try adding some newspaper crumpled up to the the sides of the plastic pot. Then use decorate moss to hide the paper.

Here are some tips for cleaning the artificial plants and trees. If you follow these, the plants will last long without losing their luster and color.

To avoid damaging the artificial plants and trees and prevent fading of the colors, you need to use a gentle cleaning solution and avoid harsh chemicals. Follow these steps when cleaning your silk botanicals:

• Mix 2 tablespoons of “pink” Avon bubble bath in a quart of warm water and take that in a spray bottle.
• Put plants into sink or put the larger plants in the shower.
• Spray away
• Let them drip dry for a fresh smell and look. If you use this procedure there won’t be any water spots seen on the silk plants and trees.

If you have any questions regarding our products, or you would like to speak with one of our interior design experts on the type of plants to use in your home and how to incorporate them for the most visual impact, contact us at 1-888-532-0232.

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