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How to Make Small Fall Florals – DIY

Bring the vibrant colors of fall into your home with this fun and easy small fall florals project. Once you have your items in hand, these projects can be done in just a few minutes. Use them to dress up a bathroom, add a touch of florals to a bookshelf, or dress up a dining table.

Small Fall Florals

Small Fall Florals

Supply List

  • Assortment of Silk Flowers
  • Rubber Bands or Floral Wire
  • Small Vases or Tumblers

Step 1:
It all starts by picking out your containers. You can always go down the vase aisle at your local floral department but if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to think outside the box. The trio of vases I used in this project were actually packaged and sold as small drinking tumblers. Because they are acrylic, they can be used indoors or in outdoor dining and living spaces.

Step 2:
Purchase a selection of artificial silk flowers in festive fall colors. The nine that I am using in this tutorial are all roughly the same size and they are purple, ivory, orange, green, red, and yellow. For a small arrangement such as this, choose three full flowers for each container.

Step 3:

Arrange the three flowers together in your hand. When you are happy with their shape, secure the ends together with a rubber band or floral wire. Once they are secured, trim the ends of the stems with wire cutters and place them inside vessels of your choice.

Print out this project with step-by-step pictures and instructions. Small Fall Florals

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