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How to Choose a Ceiling Light

Every home needs to be illuminated. Why not illuminate it in style with a beautiful and stylish lighting fixture? Bromi is an incredible manufacturer of statement-making lighting fixtures that can be used for homes, offices, commercial spaces, and more. When it comes to lighting, perhaps one of the most common styles is the ceiling lamp. Not only do they provide valuable overhead lighting, but these lamps also provide you with the opportunity reinforce a decorating style in your space. Today, we are going to break down a couple different considerations you should be making when choosing the ideal ceiling light.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp Pendant Ceiling Lamp

How High are the Ceilings?

Lower ceilings will require a flush mount fixture that has as little vertical distance as possible. Higher ceilings can accommodate more of a pendant style that is dropped down a bit. It is imperative that a ceiling lamp is high enough that the even the tallest family members or customers will be able to pass below it without fear of bumping their heads.

Bromi Ceiling Light

What is the Style of the Home?

Ceiling fixtures may be one of the first things that you put in a completed space but they do help to set the stage for the style of the room. Is the space going to have a clean and modern design or will it be more traditional in look? Choose a ceiling light that reinforces the chosen design style.

Contemporary Ceiling Fixture

How Many Do You Need?

Many spaces today feature an open floor plan where the eye is capable of seeing multiple rooms at one time. When this is the case, you may want to choose matching ceiling fixtures for the entire space. A trio of flush mount lights down a hallway, for example, helps to unify design while a single foyer light gives you an opportunity to make a single and unique statement.

Check Out the Options

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