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How to Prepare a Container for an Artificial Arrangement

While you can purchase a ready-made artificial arrangement, designing your own gives you the ability to create exactly the size, shape, and color to suit your decor. The first step in designing your own arrangement is selecting and preparing the container. Because there are so many tips and tricks for creating a beautiful custom arrangement, this will be a three-blog series that takes you step by step through the process.

Preparing a Vase or Glass Container
If you want your artificial arrangement to look like a bouquet of cut flowers, you may want to select a glass vase. Since the artificial stems need something to hold them in place, consider putting glass marbles or rocks in the bottom of the vase. Florist foam can also be used to keep the stems in place. Wrap a silk leaf around the foam before placing in the vase to disguise the foam.

Preparing a Basket
If you decide to make your artificial arrangement in a basket, first place some plastic wrap in the bottom to keep debris from the florist foam from getting on your table. You may also need to add some rocks in the bottom to add some weight to the basket. Fill the basket with florist foam, making sure the foam is about an inch over the top of the basket so that you can cascade stems from the top. Finally, cover the florist foam with moss. Attach the moss to the foam using hairpin shaped wire.

Preparing a Pot or Urn
The preparation for a planter, pot, or urn is much like the basket. Cover any hole that may be in the bottom of the pot. Fill tightly with florist foam, and cover with moss. Again, you want the foam to extend about an inch above the top of the pot. Once you have selected and prepared your container, you are ready to select artificial stems for your arrangement.

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