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Go Green with Artificial Trees

Add a touch of color to your life with Artificial Plants and Trees

As we ring in a new year and we reflect on the changes that have taken place in the world in 2008, Artificial Plants and Trees is even more dedicated to helping people add a touch of color to their life. We have received more calls than normal this past year from companies, municipalities, and individuals who are looking to replace live plants or trees with artificial plants or trees. Small towns and businesses have large budgets to hire personnel or an outside contractor to maintain live trees and plants both inside and outside buildings. With consumer spending down and tax revenues down these companies and smalls towns have had to eliminate or drastically reduce their budget for maintaining the beauty of their office building or town. We have been able to help these people find cost effective solutions using artificial plants and artificial trees. We appreciate the psychological effect color has on the well being of people. When you walk into a building and there are vibrant colors you immediately feel more relaxed. When you walk into a building space that is devoid of any plants and trees it typically elicits a response of being cold and unwelcoming. Our mission is to help people add that touch of color to their decor with silk plants and trees while keeping project costs to a minimum.

Artificial trees, plants and silk flowers can brighten up a dull or dark room with vibrant colors to induce the creativity your employees need to be effective in their jobs. Too often live plants and trees can’t live in an office because of a lack of sunlight or care required to keep them alive. A dead or dying plant sends a powerful message to employees about the environment they work in. There have been numerous studies done on the affect of adding color to the workplace. Adding green trees and plants have a calming effect on people in an office.Artificial palm trees, bonsai trees and ferns are especially popular for adding a touch of green to an office space. Other colors that have shown a positive effect on employees include red (energy), orange (active), yellow (innovative), violet (inspirational), and blue (serene). Adding tropical plants, hanging ivy plants, and orchids can help stimulate the creative process in your employees.

We are not proponents of replacing every live tree and plant with an artificial alternative. Natural trees reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and have even been proven to reduce toxins in the air. This is extremely important to ensure the health of your employees. And initially live trees and plants may be less expensive than artificial plants and trees. Ongoing maintenance is typically where live plants and trees become less cost effective than their fake alternatives. Artificial plants and trees are a great solution for darker office spaces that don’t get enough sunlight. If you find yourself replacing your live plants frequently, this may be a great place for an artificial plant alternative. For businesses and municipalities that don’t have the budget to pay for the ongoing maintenance of live plants and trees, we suggest adding a touch of color with silk tree and silk plant alternatives.

Artificial Plants and Trees specializes in helping individuals and businesses design, purchase and implement artificial plants and trees for both commercial and home based projects. We sell pre-made and custom designed plants, trees and flower arrangements for both interior and outdoor projects.

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