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Flowering Plants & Trees Article

Silk flowering trees & flowering plants are well known for their vibrant colors which add a touch of elegance to your office or home decor. Silk flowering Plants come in all shapes and sizes so even the most fastidious flower lover is sure to find the perfect bloom. While there are numerous flowering species, some of the more popular types include Roses, Daisies, Geraniums and Gardenias.

There are a number of varieties of rose plants, from tree roses to miniature types. Typical long stemmed roses can be bought for approximately $20 and are perfect as centerpieces. Small silk flowering trees like palm trees and ficus trees are ideal for the office as they can fit almost anywhere and they add a touch of nature at a minimum of maintenance.

Roses have the greatest range of color among any flowering bush. While the most well known color is red, they also come in shades of pink, yellow, orange, cream, and white. In high demand at the moment are the lavender, blue, green and purple silk flowering plants. The latest trend is to make artificial roses feel real to the touch.

Daisies are also very popular as artificial flowering plants and have the typical appearance of star-spread petals around a central yellow area. The top selling variety at the moment is the Gerber Daisy, which comes in a range of striking colors including rust orange, royal purple, tiffany blue and royal pink. These tend to be delicate flowers in nature so artificial daisies are a wonderful alternative. Plants are typically sold at a very affordable price range.

Gardenias owe their popularity to their widespread usage in wedding bouquets. They are known for their crisp white color although they can be blushed so that they display tinges of other colors, most notably pink. Blushed Gardenias are a bit more expensive than the plain white Plants, retailing for around $10 each. In contrast, the white Gardenia can be bought for less than $10. There has been a recent trend towards using Gardenias in garlands. These silk flowering plants are quite affordable as a 72 inch garland.

Geraniums are prized for their rich colors. These artificial flowering plants are normally available in red, dark red and pink, but specialty colors can be sourced. The leaves are a dark green with nicely placed flowers. They are not normally sold as individual specimens but rather as Plants.

The major allure of silk flowering trees is the fact that the color does not fade as fast as in natural trees. Blooms are long lasting; they do not age and drop off the stems. Silk flowering plants are maintenance free so the reward can be gained without the associated work. They are also devoid of seeds and pollen so there is no possibility of aggravating existing allergies and they have no need for sunlight, so they can be moved around freely.

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