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Enjoy More Privacy Outdoors with Artificial Hedges

Sometimes, an outdoor living space is picture-perfect, except for one, small problem: privacy is lacking. This is true in many subdivisions where builders try to cram as many big houses as they can on not-so-big lots. It’s especially true on city balconies and patios.

Sure, you want to get to know your neighbors, but you don’t want to feel like you spend all your time outdoors with them. How are you supposed to enjoy a conversation while you feel like you’re being watched?

How much privacy can the inhabitants of this Arizona subdivision really have?


In some parts of the country, mini-yards are just a fact of life. Rolling pastures don’t exist or are cost-prohibitive. If this is your reality, you just need to get a little creative about creating a little outdoor haven that isn’t so exposed.

We like the idea of using outdoor greenery to create a natural-looking buffer. A quick way to create one is to choose artificial hedges instead of living ones, and build a privacy wall with them.

artificial hedge

Take measurements to figure out how many artificial hedges you’ll need. Be sure to order artificial hedges that are made for outdoor use, like the boxwood hedge shown above. The plastic leaves are what make these hedges suitable for outdoor use, as they won’t fray like polyester-silk leaves.

When you’re finished, you will end up enjoying a more secluded patio, like this one:


Remember, you don’t want to hide out from your neighbors all the time. Invite them over for drinks once in a while. They may be inspired by your silk greenery design!

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