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DIY: Monochromatic Floral Arrangements

Showcase all your favorite flowers in a classic way when you decorate with monochromatic floral arrangements.  Showcase a real or artificial floral arrangement in a classy in a truly elegant way. If you want to go traditional, use a beautiful curved vase. For a more modern take on things, opt for a tall square vase or low rectangular option.

Lilies, Hydrangeas and Grass

Lilies, Hydrangeas and Grass


Choose Three or Four Different Flowers

The first step in any monochromatic floral arrangements is to choose three or four different flowers that are all feature blooms in the same color scheme. When choosing flowers, keep in mind that for optimum coverage, you will want flowers that vary in size. This white arrangement is a perfect example of that. The big hydrangeas are fantastic filler while the lilies offer beautiful focal points. If you are ordering artificial flowers online, you can even search flowers by color.


Add Greenery

Grasses and greenery helps make an artificial floral arrangement look so much more natural. Leaves help fill in negative space while grasses and twigs add vertical height that doesn’t disrupt sight lines.


How to Choose a Color

Monochromatic can be very appealing to the eye. Choose a color that either blends or contrasts with your color scheme. White or yellow can be a bright and fresh welcome to spring. On the other hand, pinks, purples or lime greens can be a perfect accent to any Easter celebration.

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