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DIY: Hanging Basket with Artificial Azaleas

Making a beautiful hanging basket that is overflowing with beautiful azaleas is easier than you may think. This easy DIY project is great for beginners because it uses only a few supplies and some very simple instructions. Let’s start with our supply list and then I will walk you though every step of the process of turning artificial plants into a stunning hanging basket. If you want to see the step-by-step instructions first hand, watch our You Tube video at the bottom of today’s blog.

Artificial Azalea Hanging Basket

Artificial Azalea Hanging Basket


Step 1:

Start by taking your serrated knife and shaving down the block of foam until the foam fits into your hanging basket. Depending upon the shape and size of your hanging basket, this may require significant shaving. For our example, I had to dome the bottom of the foam and trim down the top a bit.

Step 2:

Place your shaped piece of foam into your hanging basket and tape it into place for a bit of extra security. I used four pieces of tape to secure my piece of foam.

Step 3:

Using your serrated knife, cut four holes into your foam at an angle, one in the center of each side of the foam. This hole will give you a place to insert the stem of the artificial azaleas. You can try to stick the stems directly into the foam if you have a softer foam but denser foam will require the help of a sharp knife.

Step 4:

Insert your artificial azaleas into the holes that you created. I placed the two hanging plants on opposite sides and the bushes on the remaining two sides. If you feel it is needed, you can always secure the stems into place with a bit of hot glue. Because mine fit nice and tightly, I did not need to do that.

Step 5:

Use the wire in the center of each stem to shape the hanging plants and the bushes until you have manipulated them to fill in the basket nicely. Once you are happy with what you have, go ahead and cover up the exposed foam with some spanish moss or other greenery.

Step 6:

Hang your hanging basket where you would like to display it and then give the branches a final shaping and movement until you have them exactly where you want them.

That is all there is to it! You have just created a beautiful hanging basket that will stick with you for years to come. I personally love using artificial hanging plants around a pool deck because I don’t end up skimming leaves and flowers out of the pool every time we want to swim.

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