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DIY Artificial Azalea Centerpiece

Creating a lovely artificial flower arrangement is easier than you may think. We just uploaded a brand new video tutorial on You Tube showing you how to do just that. This gorgeous DIY Artificial Azalea Centerpiece is a quick and easy project that is perfect for beginners. The artificial azalea bushes that we use in this tutorial are intended for outdoor use, which makes this centerpiece ideal for outdoor dining rooms and living rooms. Let me walk you through the steps.


Step 1:

Fill the bottom of your basket with the dry floral foam. You may have to cut down the blocks of foam to fit the exact shape of your basket. If so, it is best to us a serrated knife to cut through the foam. Make sure to leave at least an inch or two of space between the top of the foam and the rim of the basket because we will be adding moss filler during a final step.

Step 2:

Stick one bush into the floral  foam on the right side of the basket and another one on the left side of the basket. This step is shown in detail in the video. You want the majority of the stem to be secured in the foam for stability. Don’t worry if the basket does not yet seem full. We are going to fix that.

Step 3:

Our plants come to you very compact for shipping but each branch contains a central wire that allows you to fluff them up. With both of your artificial azalea bushes in place, go ahead and use your hands to spread apart the individual branches of each bush. If your basket has a central handle, use it to help support some of the branches as you work. Keep working your way around the basket until it has a natural, full look to it.

Step 4:

You may still be able to see some florist foam through the branches. That is ok. Your fourth and final step is to open your package of moss and pack it down into the basket on top of the florist foam. This will conceal the foam from sight and add both color and texture to your finished arrangement.

It is as simple as that! You now have a lovely artificial azalea centerpiece that can be used both indoors and outdoors to liven up a space. Feel free to make any alterations you want to this tutorial. An added bow on the basket handle would spruce this centerpiece up for the holidays. You could also easily trade out the basket for a ceramic pot, planter, or urn.

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