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Discover Silk Plants Article

Discover Silk Plants

Silk Plants have come into their own in the past decade as a vital part of home decor
design. This article will look at the new types of silk plants that are being created on the market today and their various uses within your home or office. The categories of silk plants I’ll cover are floor plants, potted plants, flowering plants, and tropical plants.

Silk Floor Plants varieties include Spathyfillum, Philodendron, Rubber, Dieffenbachia, Hosta and more. These plants have matured in recent years to include intricate trunk
designs, variegated leaf colors and textured vein patterning on the silk leaves. The industry has advanced the quality of the leaf design by infusing a polyester silk blend so the edges of the leaves don’t fray and come apart like older silk plants were prone to do. These plants typically range in height from 3 to 6 feet tall.

Potted Silk Plants
are a fun new category of silks that has been adopted in the past several years. Manufacturers are creating mixed plant designs that include pothos leaves, palm
leaves, ivy and more and crafting a finished product in a decorative planter. These plants are perfect for the individual or company that would like to fill a space with just greenery that doesn’t have to be maintained. The potted plants can range in size from 2 feet to 5 feet tall with a variety of planter options to choose from.

Tropical Plants is a wide ranging category that encompasses table top plants to tall floor plants. We are seeing more varieties than ever and some of my favorites include fun little succulents, banana plants, snake grass, Sanserveria, money trees and more. Succulents can be used in silk floral design as part of an orchid display. Money plants and Sanserveria are perfect floor plants for an atrium or sun room. And larger banana plants and snake grass are used often in casinos and hotels creating a tropical oasis. The quality of tropicals with the advent of real touch leaves and stems has improved dramatically and you will have a difficult time believing they aren’t real!

The artificial plant world is continuing its rapid growth in quality and variety of silk plant designs. If you have a spot in your office or home that you can’t keep something alive, there is a beautiful solution waiting for you. Gone are the days of cheesy silks that you can pick out from 10 feet away. The quality has improved so much that you now have to touch and feel plants to know they are even fake!

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