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Decorating Flocked Christmas Trees for the Holidays

We are in love with the snow-covered look that flocked Christmas trees provide. If you have been thinking about bringing one of these trees into your home or office for the holiday season, this is the blog for you. We will show you the right decorations for transforming this white tree into a true winter wonderland. Decorating flocked Christmas trees is easy when you start with these inspirations.

Flocked Utica Fir Christmas Tree

Choose Your Level of Flocking

Flocked Christmas trees can include everything from a light dusting to complete coverage. There are even all-white trees for a truly monochromatic look. Check out each one for yourself to determine which level of flocking is most appealing to you. No matter which one you choose, the decorations we share below are sure to look spectacular on your new flocked Christmas tree.

7.5 Foot Crystal Balsam Frosted Fir Medium flocked Kodiak Spruce Dunhill White Fir

Choose an Icy Color Scheme

Think about the way nature looks after a thick snowfall. The reflective color of icicles. Create this same look in your decor by choosing mint greens, icy blues, silvers, and even some golds to complete your decor. We also love the occasional pop of red to set the whole thing off and add a vibrant burst of color.

Color Scheme 1

Mint Christmas Ornament
Champagne Finial Ornament
Mint Onion Ornament

Color Scheme 2

Teal Ornament 4-Pack
Silver Glaze-Glitter-Sequin Ball Ornament Christmas Net Ball Ornament

Color Scheme 3

Red Matte Glitter Cut Christmas Ornament Candy Ornaments Finial Ornament

Adding the Finishing Touches

With your ornaments and color scheme selected, it is time to top off your Christmas tree decor with a couple of fun elements. An illuminated star tree topper, assortment of fun floral pics, and scenting wire-edged Christmas ribbons are must-have items for professional tree decorators. If you want to be able to get that high-end look at home, check out these items.

Beaded Star Tree Topper Mixed Red Berry Christmas Pick Christmas Ribbon

Share Your Flocked Tree with Us

If you have decorated your home or office with a flocked or white artificial Christmas tree this year, we would love to see it. Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page and inspire others. Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board on Decorating Flocked Christmas Trees.

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