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Decorating a Deck with Potted Outdoor Artificial Trees

When you think of potted artificial trees, you probably think of artificial philodendrons tucked in the corner of a living room or dining room. Today, these no-maintenance greens are available for a much wider range of use, including outdoor spaces such as decks and patios. Outdoor artificial plants have been specifically designed to be UV resistant so that they will not fade in the sunlight.

6-Foot Artificial Cedar

6-Foot Artificial Cedar


Types of Outdoor Potted Trees

There are many different types of outdoor artificial trees available, including beautiful cedars, cypress, Japanese maples, ficus, and even olive trees. You can choose varieties that are native to your region or ones that you wish you could successfully grow in your climate, the choice is yours. These plants come in a wide variety of heights, so there is sure to be one suitable for every application.


Uses of Potted Trees Outdoors

Beyond the obvious benefit of being absolutely beautiful, there are a great many benefits for placing artificial potted plants around your outdoor spaces. Chairs, sofas, and the decks themselves are all hardscape items that could use a bit of softening up with a well placed plant. Because many of these trees are tall, they are also ideal for concealing unsightly support posts, the view of air conditioning units, or old fencing. They are particularly useful in extreme climates, such as those of the deep south or arid desert. A pair of trees is a grate way to flank a back door  or greet guests to your porch stairs.


Make your outdoor rooms just as well decorated as your indoor spaces when you pay attention to the smallest of details, including decor items, textiles, and artificial potted plants. Don’t wait for Spring for real trees, purchase artificial ones now and reduce the time that you spend outside watering, pruning, and trimming.

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