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Decorating with Boxwood Mats

Did you know that boxwood mats can be used indoors to make a huge statement? This chiropractor did just that. A boring wall in a standard waiting room has been transformed into a lush green show-stopper. This is a great example of how these mats can be used indoors to create a calming space that is simply stunning. Similar applications would be a great way to decorate a garden-inspired dining room, highlight an architectural feature in a home, or cover unsightly wood paneling.


Boxwood Mat Wall

Boxwood Mat Wall

How It Works

Boxwood mats come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10-inch square up to 20-inch square. We also have artificial that is prefixed to a galvanized metal screen that measures 84 inches by 48 inches. The galvanized screen boxwood is ideal for larger outdoor projects, such as covering a chain link fence while the smaller mats are ideal for smaller-scale projects. No matter which you choose, the end result will be something truly special.

Why It Works

The decorator of this space made the boxwood mats the main focus of the space and then layered in a supporting cast of comfortable furniture, unobtrusive end tables, and beautiful lighting. The wall sconces cast a gentle stream of light both up and down the wall, highlighting the textures of the boxwoods. The theme of greenery is then repeated with small artificial ball topiaries on each of the end tables flanking the couch. The raindrop on leaf painting in the hallway is the perfect finishing touch the room needed.

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