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Christmas Tree Shapes for Any Space

If you don’t think that your place is big enough for a full-sized Christmas tree, you are in luck. There are now a number of artificial tree shapes that are specifically made for hard-to-decorate rooms and spaces. If a nice, full Christmas tree just isn’t going to work for you, try one of these great alternatives.

Westbrook Pine Half Tree

Westbrook Pine Half Tree

Slim Trees
These trees are just as tall as other artificial trees but feature a slim shape that helps them fit into the smallest of footprints. This shape is ideal for landings, entryways, dining rooms, and other rooms that are short on space.

Flat Back Trees
This ingenious design is perfect for narrow spaces with plenty of wall space. Half of the tree is just as full as a natural tree but the back is completely flat so that you can push it right up against the wall. This shape helps to provide a much lower profile yet allows you to fully decorate your flat back tree.

Mini Trees
When you just don’t have the floor space for a full-height tree, try decorating with a shorter version. Mini Trees look just like their larger counterparts but are the perfect height for on top of a table, flanking a hearth, or resting on a buffet. Just because the tree is smaller doesn’t mean the decorations have to be, these trees look stunning with full-sized decorations.

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