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5 Wreath Decorations we Love

Make any old pine wreath spectacular by adding any combination of these five items. Creating beautiful, custom Christmas wreaths is easier than you may think. First, consider where the wreath is going to be placed and take into account the overall aesthetic of that area. Next, decide which of these items you want to add to your wreath. Once you have, all you have to do is use some floral wire to attach the items to your pine or spruce wreath of choice. Which of these wreath decorations is your favorite?

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1. Monogam Letter

Front door wreaths look fantastic when they feature the letter of the family name. Simple white wooden letters are readily available at the local craft store and can be added to the center or side of any Christmas wreath.

2. Beautiful Ribbon

A beautiful ribbon is all a pine wreath needs to look truly spectacular. Start with a wide, wire-edged ribbon in your favorite hue. Then create a big bow using a bit of floral wire. Attach the bow to the wreath and see the difference a couple yards of ribbon can really make.

3. Greenery Sprays

Sure, pine wreaths are already green but greenery sprays are still a great addition. Try choosing a different type of greenery, such as a  bay leaf or a holly spray. The variety of leaf type will add texture and interest to the wreath.

4. Artificial Flowers

This one may seem like a given but a big artificial flower is such a fun way to make a wreath more personal. A poinsettia is an obvious choice during the holidays but you could always try to change things up with something different. What about a big white orchid or a beautiful silver hydrangea instead?

5. Touches of Nature

Bring your favorite part of the outdoors in with the help of your wreath. Pinecones are a favorite during the holidays. They add another layer of both color and texture. Try lightly flocking them for a snow-kissed look.

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