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5 Ways to Use Plant Hooks in Your Garden

If you don’t already use garden hooks in your garden, it is time to start. These versatile garden decor items can be used time and time again in so many different ways. Get inspired by our favorite 5 ways to use plant hooks in your garden. Do you have a unique way to use them? Be sure to share your ideas with us.

Hanging Plants

1. Hanging Plants

This application is a classic. Small hanging baskets look lovely hanging from plant hooks in the garden. These hooks suspend the plants above you flowerbed, giving you vertical interest.

2. Lanterns

A series of small plant hooks are great for dangling lanterns around your yard for dinner parties. Once the sun goes down fill the lanterns with battery operated candles. Your guests will be able to see where they are going and it adds instant ambiance to your space.

3. Signs

Proudly display your house number or a wooden welcome sign from a garden hook placed in your front flower bed. This is a great alternative to those much-used flag poles you see everywhere. Change out your signs seasonally and have fun with it.

4. Boxwood Balls

Boxwood balls are increasingly popular right now. They have been used in urns, right on the ground, on top of pedestals, and more. We love them hung from an ornate garden hook.

5. Birdhouses

Welcome birds and squirrels into your yard by hanging birdhouses from garden hooks. This is a great alternative to hanging them from trees and makes it easy to refill them often.


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