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5 Tips for Decorating with Artificial Flowers

Everyone has their own way of decorating with artificial flowers. Some use them on the mantle, some prefer to take the higher road and use them to decorate an architectural ledge. No matter where you place them in your home, these 5 tips will help you make sure that they are a show-stopper.

Artificial Flower Arrangement

Artificial Flower Arrangement


1. Choose a Beautiful Vessel

One of the best things about using artificial flowers in your decorating is that they do not require any water. This allows you to use virtually any type of vessel that you want to contain them. A pitcher, vase, basket, urn, and box all make great options for containing faux flowers.

2. Color Counts

I love how in this arrangement, a monochromatic color scheme was selected. The green from the flowers has been repeated in the journal, jar, and the table runner that are also featured on this table. When you are grouping multiple items together in a vignette, choose a color scheme before you select your items and make sure that everything compliments each other nicely.

3. Go for Odd Numbers

I don’t care what kind of vignette you are creating, they all look best when you group odd numbers of items together. My personal favorites are groupings of three or five. This table features three items, a beautiful handmade journal, a lidded jar, and a pitcher that is bursting with spring blooms.

4. Create Interesting Angles

In this picture, interesting angles have been created in a couple of different ways. First, the table runner was bunched up instead of spread out straight down the center of the table. The three items that were placed in the vignette were also arranged in a triangular pattern and at an angle.

5. Select Seasonal Items

One thing that I absolutely love about my grandmother’s house is that she changes out all of her decorations and decor items for each season. This particular arrangement only graces the center of her table in the spring. The soft greens and flower selection are both perfect for spring.

Use these tips when decorating your home for spring and see the difference these easy tips and tricks can make with the finished result of your artificial flowers.

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