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5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Seating Area

With spring quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about our outdoor spaces again. As days warm up and we have sunlight long into the evening, it is the perfect time to get outside, spruce up your landscape, and think about designing an inviting place to have conversations with friends and family. Creating the perfect outdoor seating area is easy when you follow these 5 easy tips.

Anderson Teak Brianna Seating Area

Anderson Teak Brianna Seating Area

1. Offer Comfortable Seating

If you want people to settle in and stay a while, the key is offering inviting chairs with deep seats and plenty of cushions. Outdoor furniture is available in styles that are just as comfortable as any sofas and chairs you have inside. Once you sit down in a chair such as this one, you are going to want to stay a while.

2. Arrange Seating in Small Groups

Large seating areas simply aren’t conducive to intimate conversations. While you want to make sure that you have seating for everyone, it is just as important to keep seating areas small, with seating for six or seven max. Not only do small groupings promote conversation, but they also fit nicely into nearly any sized space.

3. Add a Table

Give everyone a place to rest a plate or cup by making sure that every seat is within arm’s reach of a table. You can achieve this by placing a coffee table in the center of a circular or U-shaped arrangement of seating or by placing small side tables between pairs of chairs.

4. Take Weather into Consideration

Do you have cool nights, brutally hot summers, or pesky mosquitos? If so, help manage the nature around you by including space heaters, patio umbrellas, and plenty of citronella candles around your outdoor seating area. Instead of a standard coffee table, you could always place a fire table in the center of a conversation area instead. In some cases, a blanket thrown over the back of a chair is all you need to take the chill off of an evening.

5. Provide Tasty Treats and Refreshments

As you head outside with your family and friends, make sure that everyone is armed with a fresh drink. Place a serving tray of your favorite crackers, cheese, and snacks for everyone to enjoy. Seating areas can be a great place to enjoy an appetizer before your outdoor meal or to retire to for a great slice of cake afterward.

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