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3 Thatch Projects You Will Love

Are you trying to achieve the tropical feeling of places like Hawaii and Bali in your back yard? If so, a little bit of thatch is an absolute must. This fun, grassy product can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your outdoor space. Today, I will share with you 3 thatch projects that you will love.

Natural Thatch

Natural Thatch

1. Tropical Tableskirt

If you are planning an outdoor party with a tropical theme, what better decoration is there than a tropical table skirt? Start by laying out a burlap or linen tablecloth and attaching it with some clips. Once the tablecloth is in place, use  your choice of Velcro or table skirt clips to adhere the thatch along the perimeter of the table. Velcro is available in both sew-on and no-sew adhesive backed versions depending upon your preferences.

2. Adorn the Roof of a Playhouse/Doghouse

If you have kids or pets that share your outdoor space, make their furnishings blend in to your theme with the help of thatch. Use a strong outdoor adhesive to run a line of glue along the top back of the thatch. Adhere it to the bottom edge of the roof. Once you reach the end, use a pair of sturdy scissors to cut the thatch. Repeat this process, overlapping each row of thatch until you reach the peak of the roof. You will be left with a playhouse or dogged that is just as festive as the rest of your space.

3. Decorate a Gazebo

A large gazebo offers the perfect place to set up an outdoor bar and have a shady place to relax with friends and family. Take your gazebo to the next level by topping it with many layers of beautiful thatch. Do this in much the same way as above, using an outdoor grade adhesive for long-lasting durability. Some wicker bar stools and a teak bar would complete the look.

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