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10 Artificial Flower Arrangements for Your Cubicle

You spend all day sitting in a small space, away from windows and all things beautiful. Why not add a pop of color and a touch of beauty with one of our artificial flower arrangements. We have comprised a list of 10 flower arrangements that are perfect for any work desk. Peruse the list for yourself and discover an affordable flower arrangement for your cubicle.

Peony Silk Arrangement

1. Peony Silk Arrangement – $56

This small but beautiful arrangement is just bursting with color and texture. The combination of flowers is perfect for spring and summer while the acrylic water at the base of the vase enhances the natural look.

Cymbidium Orchids in Water

2. Cymbidium Orchids in Water – $27

This little orchid arrangement is easy on the wallet and will add instant cheer to any cubicle. The wrapped leaves inside the vase conceal the artificial stems and rest in acrylic water.

Silk Vanda Orchids

3. Silk Vanda Orchids – $90

If you love orchids, this is a great choice for your desk. The crisp white flowers are maintenance-free and come in a modern diver pot that is truly stunning.

8-Inch Green Cymbidium Orchid

4. 8-Inch Green Cymbidium Orchids $73

The simple yet modern design of this square arrangement is a welcomed addition to any cubicle. The angled stems are unbelievably natural looking, with intricate coloring.

7-Inch Confetti Rose Arrangement

5. 7-Inch Confetti Rose Arrangement – $46

Roses are a true classic and the neat and elegant look of this arrangement is perfect for the workplace.

Silk Lilac Arrangement

6. Silk Lilac Arrangement – $54

Enjoy the clean and refreshing feeling that these silk lilacs add to a space. These lilacs stand in a clear cylinder vase with acrylic water at the bottom.

Laura Ashley Fuchsia Orcid

7. Laura Ashley Fuchsia Orchid – $60

Add a designer touch to your desk with the addition of this bright and stunning artificial flower arrangement. This hot pink orchid comes in a beautiful, textural Laura Ashley vase.

16-Inch Spring Floral Arrangement

8. 18-Inch Spring Floral Arrangement – $69

Celebrate all the colors of spring with this gorgeous floral arrangement. This clear vase with acrylic water is jam-packed with beautiful flowers in a variety of colors.

Mixed Silk Daisy Arrangement

9. Mixed Silk Daisy Arrangement – $62

If pink and purple are your favorite colors, you will love this girly artificial flower arrangement. A beautiful bouquet of synthetic stems are placed in a clear vase with acrylic water at the base.

9-Inch Sunflower Arrangement

10. 9-Inch Sunflower Arrangement – $56

Sunflowers are a summer favorite and this small arrangement showcases them beautifully. The clean black vase let’s the bright yellow of the flowers shine.

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