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Item No: NEA1351

5 foot Yucca Tree in Wooden Pot

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Product Details
Want to spruce up your home? Yucca plants have around 40 different species. They are mostly found in a desert like an area. The real plant can be located in Mexico and some parts of the United States. This plant is unique for the fact that the yucca moth pollinates it. The moth will lay eggs on the plant, and the larvae will eat the seeds. The moth will lay just the right amount of eggs. If you want to grow the plant, you will need the yucca moths, or you will have to pollinate them by hand. The leaves of a real yucca plant are sword-like, usually giving off a thick look. The plant is native to the desert climate. The actual plant should receive full to partial sunlight. Low light will cause the yucca tree not to be as full looking. The plant has sharp-like leaves which create the plant to be best suited away from sidewalks and paths. The real plant will need well-drained soil, water, and sunlight. Do you want a unique plant? The 5-foot artificial yucca plant will a perfect match for you. Get this artificial yucca plant for your house now! Add beauty to any space with the artificial yucca plant. You will not regret this decision. The fake plant will make any regular plain corner more lively. The artificial plant can even be used to create a centerpiece in your garden. You will not have to worry about the fake plant dying. The artificial plant does not need any extra special care. People that come into your home will be shocked by the quality of the non-living plant. You constantly trick friends and family. Buy this 5-foot yucca tree! The artificial plant set inside of a well-made wooden pot topped off with moss. There is absolutely no need in watering this plant! You will not have to worry about trying to remember to keep the artificial plant alive. The plant has the quality and realness of the actual living plant. Welcome this artificial yucca plant into your dull home. Spruce up any location you think you might want to add the artificial plant too. The plant will thank you for adding it to your place. You will feel a calmness and happy feeling when walking by the plant you placed in one of your dull corners. The plant has a unique look. Add the artificial yucca plant to your space now!
Product Specifications
Height Inches:60
Width Inches:30
Measurements:Trees are measured from the top of tree to the bottom of the pot. Fluffed trees may settle 6-12 inches.
Leaf Count:172
Leaf Type:polyester silk
Trunk Type:7 trunks
Potting:decorative container
Warranty:1 year limited: click for details