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Item No: NEA1322

5 foot Schefflera Tree: Potted

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  • Potted in a 6.5W x 5.75H inch non-decorative pot
Product Details
The leaves of a real schefflera plant is known to appear in the shape of an umbrella. The leaves are bigger than other species of plants. The schefflera plant is native to Australia. The attractive leaves make this plant very popular. Like real plants, the schefflera plant does not enjoy being to dry or too wet. The plant requires to have more water during growing season. Feeling the soil will help indicate whether the soil is dried out. Dried soil can cause the leaves on the tree to turn an unattractive brown color. The real schefflera plant prefers to be in medium light. The real plant will need to be fertilized a few times a week. The real plants sap contains poisonous crystals. The crystals in the plant can cause skin irritation and can cause difficulty swallowing if ingested. Medical professional will have to be contacted if your animal ingests any part of the real plant. The plant is toxic to dogs and cats. Do you want a plant that is not toxic for your animals? But the 5 foot artificial schefflera for your home. This is the perfect choice for someone who cares about the safety of their animals, but they still want a plant with lush big green leaves. Add this artificial plant to your space to get the most benefit of living in your place. You will be happy you chose this high quality artificial plant. There was skill and great care going into the process of making this plant. Make this uniquely shaped plant a decor piece in the corner of a room. You will not have to fear over your animals getting sick if they decide to try and nibble on the leaves. No irritation will occur if you move the plant or touch the leaves. Buy this artificial schefflera plant! This artificial plant stands 5 feet tall. It will be a great addition to any house or office. We make a dull area brighten up immediately with warmth and calmness. You need to bring this plant into your home. If your are looking for a plant that requires little to no work then this plant is a perfect option for you. Our artificial plants require no water, sunlight, fertilizer. There is no water at all needed to help this plant thrive. It will constantly give off the appearance of being lush and having a beautiful shade of green. Buy the artificial schefflera plant!
Product Specifications
Height Inches:60
Width Inches:30
Measurements:Trees are measured from the top of tree to the bottom of the pot. Fluffed trees may settle 6-12 inches.
Leaf Count:1116
Leaf Type:polyester silk
Potting:6.5W x 5.75H inch non-decorative planter
Warranty:1 year limited: click for details