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Item No: NEA1249

26 inch Maranta in Basket

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  • Potted in a 7W x 6.75H basket
Product Details
Do you need a plant that requires little to no water? The artificial maranta plant would be perfect for you. The real maranta plant requires bright, indirect sunlight. The real plant also needs well-drained soil. The plant thrives in a high humidity environment. They need to be kept moist, but not given too much water. The real maranta plant will become soggy after receiving too much water. The real maranta plant is native to the American tropics. They are low-growing plants. Real plants that are kept too cool or too dry are far more likely to lose their leaves, or develop fungal infections. The maranta plant has thick leaves which can be prime targets for bugs. This is another great reason why you need to purchase an artificial maranta plant! You will be completely happy with the decision you made to buy our artificial maranta plant. The plant stands 26 inches tall. This exquisite plant will be lovely in any space of your home. It will give off a glowing and warm feeling. The artificial maranta plant will last throughout many years. There is absolutely no need in giving the plant water. You do not have to worry about the artificial plant receiving the right or wrong amount of sunlight. You do not have to give the plant water for it to stay alive. Not one single drop of water. Everyone that you welcome into your home will be stunned with the tropical appearance the plant gives off. This beautiful plant has lush green leaves. Add the plant to one of the corners of your home. The striking colors will bring joy into any environment. The artificial maranta plant is set inside of a well made basket. This artificial plant is perfect for those who want the looks of a plant, but not all the hard work that will come with having one. Purchase this artificial maranta plant today! You will love how much work and care went into the making of our plants. Add the 26 inch artificial maranta plant to your dull space. If you are looking for something to add to your plain corners, then adding a few of our artificial plants will give your home, luxurious and calming decor. Buy the artificial maranta plant right now. It can even be a wonderful housewarming gift for any of your family and friends. You will be happy with the choice you made. Make your home exciting and welcoming with our artificial maranta plant.
Product Specifications
Height Inches:26
Width Inches:21
Measurements:Potted artificial plants are measured from the top of plant to the bottom of the planter. Unpotted plants are measured from the top of the plant to the bottom of the stem.
Leaf Type:polyester silk
Potting:7W x 6.75H basket
Warranty:1 year limited: click for details