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Item No: NEA1199

57 inch Corn Stalk Dracaena: Potted

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  • Potted in a 8.5W x 7H inch planter
Product Details
Add a beautiful dracaena into your office. The dracaena plant is also a popular houseplant. The plant name comes from a Greek word meaning female dragon. It is a popular ornamental plant. The plant will grow best in subtropical areas. The dracaena plant has a bushy appearance. The glossy leaves can grow up to several feet indoors. Indoor light is best for the real plant, or a semi-shaded area like a patio. The plant can never be placed in direct sunlight. The sun rays will scorch the leaves. The real plant does need less water unlike other living indoor plants. You will still need to make sure the top soil is dry before watering. If you over water the plant it will cause root rot. If the leaves begin to droop or begin to yellow then that could mean over-watering or poor drainage. The real dracaena plant is sensitive to fluoride. This can be found in your tap water. It is important to use clean purified water. If the leaves begin to look like a dark brown color or it has dead areas then that indicates fluoride toxicity. The plant is toxic to animals. If the plant is eaten your pet will present symptoms. One of them being loss of appetite. Do you adore this plant, but do not want to cause harm to your beloved animal? The 57 inch artificial corn stalk dracaena plant is perfect for you. You will not have to worry about your plant causing harm to your dog or cat. If you own the artificial corn stalk dracaena plant there is no need to water the plant. Having too much or too little light will not kill your artificial plant. This plant is perfect for anyone who does want to spend extra time on caring for a plant, but still want the look of a beautiful houseplant. The artificial plant has a dramatic feel with the beautiful color pattern on the leaves. It makes a great focal point for any room. Own this 57 inch artificial corn stalk dracaena plant. It sets inside of a basic black pot. The artificial plant is supported by thick trunks. Your guest will be amazed with the realness of the artificial plant. They will be asking for all your secrets in caring for such a beautiful plant. Little do they know it is not even real. That is why it is such a great choice of an artificial plant. The quality is without a doubt like the real living plant. Buy this artificial corn stalk dracaena plant now!
Product Specifications
Height Inches:57
Width Inches:28
Measurements:Trees are measured from the top of tree to the bottom of the pot. Fluffed trees may settle 6-12 inches.
Leaf Type:real touch
Potting:8.5W x 7H inch planter
Warranty:1 year limited: click for details