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Item No: NEA1096

6 foot Banana Palm Tree: Potted

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  • Potted in a 8W x 7H inch planter
Product Details
Banana trees are tropical plants. Bananas grow in large clusters that hang from the top of a tropical tree. They have soft sweet fruits that grow from the top of the tree. The plant produces these fruits that are known as the banana. The plants can be tall and sturdy plants. These plants are commonly mistaken for trees. The plant actually grows from stalks. These fascinating plants grow in a wide sort of soils. The soil needs to have a pretty good drainage and can not be compacted. The plant needs to be able to thrive. Banana plants need to have large sturdy leaves where the bananas will be produced. These plants can easily be ripped by the wind from storms, causing a usual slumped look. The leaves of a banana plant are humongous. The leaves of this plant can become very large in size. The plant thrives best in the late warm summer. The plant will do best in rich fertile soil. There can be no salt in the soil. The banana tree will do extremely well in soil with no salt because it will be acidic. These trees need an abundant amount of water, but not too much so that the soil does not become soggy. Artificial banana plants will immediately bring a warm tropical feel into your loving home. There is no need in having all of the trouble in a real one. That is why the one stalk 6 foot banana tree is a good option for you and your home. There is no need of keeping the plant sheltered from the wind. You will not have to worry with watering the plant. There will be no need for you to feed plants in a container on a monthly schedule. You will not have to worry with wilting or the possibility of root rots. Feel like you are in warm weather all year round with the amazing artificial silk banana tree. This artificial plant has one sturdy stalk that welcome a variety of rich and nice amount of leafy green. The stalk reaches up to 6 feet in height. Adding a few pieces of fruit adds just the right of amount of bright color. Giving the plant a lavish look. You need a plant in your home that it will be sure to turn your guest heads toward the beauty of the plant. You will be able to make your guests feel like they are in a tropical area. You will have all of the quality of a real plant without all of the hard work. Buy this plant now!
Product Specifications
Height Inches:72
Measurements:Fluffed trees may settle 6-12 inches. Our trees are measured from the top of the tree to the bottom of the pot.
Leaf Type:real touch
Potting:8W x 7H inch planter
Warranty:1 year limited: click for details