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How to Plan the Christmas Menu

Do you find yourself hosting the holiday get-together this year? We have a few tips on how to plan the Christmas menu without losing your sanity. With a little planning, you can create an amazing holiday dinner that your guests will love. From setting the table to planning the menu, we have simple tips that will help you every step of the way.

Mixed Floral Arrangement

Get an Accurate Headcount

You can’t plan how much food to make without first knowing how many people are going to be in attendance. If you have a smaller group of people, a sit-down dinner may be best. If you have a very large crowd, you may want to opt for a buffet-style meal that allows your guests to graze throughout the afternoon.

Plan Low-Maintenance Dishes

Give yourself as little to do in the kitchen as possible by planning a menu that is low maintenance. A ham is a great choice because it is quick to prep and then just hangs out in the oven until it is ready. Trade out your traditional mashed potatoes for baked potatoes for the same reason. Just wash them, stab them, and place them on the oven rack. Place the fixings for them down the center of the table and everyone can top their own.

Consider Those in Attendance

If you have invited someone from outside the family to enjoy the holidays with you, ask them what traditions their family used to have. If it is something easy to incorporate into your meal it would add a personal touch they would really appreciate. If you are hosting pot-luck style, you can even ask them to bring that special item to add to the Christmas menu.

Set a Beautiful Table

The table is one thing that can be set days in advance. Start with a beautiful tablecloth and then add a festive holiday centerpiece, such as the beautiful artificial flower arrangement above. If you are doing a buffet table, lay out your serving platters. Write on a sticky note what will be put on that platter and place it in the center so you remember later.

Buy Beautiful Plastic Plates & Silverware

Save yourself hours of doing dishes by opting for some beautiful plastic plates and silverware. You can get white ones with a silver rim that look dressy but which can easily be thrown away when you are done.

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