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Patriotic Decorations for 4th of July and Memorial Day

Repurposing is a very popular trend right now. There are blogs and websites devoted to repurposing wooden pallets into everything from planter boxes to furniture. Hackers find alternate uses for furniture from a popular big box store. My sister has a multi level rabbit hutch made from several kitchen cabinets. You may have seen some of my blogs about painting old vases and covering wine bottles with jute.

This focus on repurposing got me thinking about Christmas decorations. Some of those decorations you enjoyed for a month and then packed away until the next holiday season can be repurposed for the upcoming patriotic holidays. Get inspired in time for Memorial Day with these patriotic decorations.

Red Star

Red Star

Star Ornaments

While gold glitter stars might scream Christmas, red and white stars are perfect decorations for a Memorial Day or Fourth of July party.  Hang large 24 inch white and red glitter star ornaments from trees. Smaller 8 inch stars would look great hanging from bunting or along a fence. Cut monofilament different lengths and hang many stars of various sizes from the most prominent tree in your yard.

Decorative Picks

Many Christmas picks will work well in Fourth of July planters. Red or white sparkle picks look like bursts of fireworks when placed in potted plants. Hang cascading red sequined clips from hanging pots. Curling white glitter and red glitter branches could add a Fourth of July flair to any outdoor decor.

Sequin Balls

While traditional ball ornaments may be a little too Christmas specific, red and white sequined ball ornaments would make a grand patriotic statement. Hang them with glitter stars for your Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebration.


Any white or red outdoor lights would add drama to a Fourth of July party.  The flag inspired red, white, and blue 7.5 inch starlight sphere can be combined with red and white lighted spheres for a patriotic effect. Welcome your guests to your Memorial Day party by lighting the walkway with 8.5 inch white LED lights on stakes. Stick a small American flag by each light for a festive look.

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